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What is ZOiNN

ZOiNN is the name given to the architecture style of the Zo Traditional House. Although very little was known about the ancient architecture style of the Zo houses, a glimpse of it could be seen from the folklore of Mandawng during their Chindwin valley settlement. It was told that their house has seven iron doors/gates that led to their main room. The materials that comes with “iron doors/gates” throw a light on how grand the building would have been. Chindwin valley (Kale-Kubo valley) saw a myriad of battles and slavery. Unable to maintain their freedom, the Zo people took to the Hills in the concluding part of the 12th Century, and thus, Chin Hills came into being. Chin is a conventional name given by outsiders, but Zo is a ethno-historical name of the Zo people.

In Chin Hills, architecture was developed to suit the environment and geography. It was built to self-sustain and to accommodate all the day-to-day essentials for the family and their domestic animals and pets. Building materials were taken from forest products such as teak, pine, oak, and other durable materials. Every house was fenced, has a gate, courtyard with sacrificial platform with post (tul-mung) in the middle of the yard, a wide double deck front porch divided into covered and uncovered area, a farm-produce grinding unit with stocked of firewood and chicken coop. The covered porch led to the main door. The king pillar that bears the weight of the roof and the structure of the house was a focal point in the Zo architecture.
ZOiNN.in is a website created by a congregation of like minded individual to Promote, Preserve, Explore and Display the Rich Cultural Heritage of the Zo People. 
The website earlier known as zoinn.com was launched on 28th December 2011 at Zougal Hall by the then UZO President, Pu. Ginsuonhau.
  • To Promote and Preserve the Rich Cultural Heritage of the Zo People.
  • To Explore and Display the Zo Culture, Traditional Attires, Cultural Tools & Equiptments and easy availability around the Globe.
  • To Educate the Cultural and Traditional practices to the present/ young generations.
  • To Inspire and promote the Zo Talented Writers, Artistes, Composers, Directors, Musicians, Actors & Actresses and Animators.
  • To Promote the Zo Music Videos, Movies and Animations.

What we do

ZOiNN organised Cultural Photoshoot once a year (less or more) not just to promote and display the Zo culture and traditional attires but also to educate the present young generations of our Rich Culture and make it easily accessible across the globe.
ZOiNN has contents of ZO Cultural related Articles, Folklores, Daily News and Updates, Documentaries or Movies, Motion Pictures and MP3 songs which can be easily accessed and downloaded. It also help oneself to promote his/her skills and Talents.

ZOiNN also provide paid services such as Graphic Designing, Event Photography and Videography (includes Music Videos or Short Documentaries/Movies), Video Editing, Audio Recording and Editing. You may contact us for these services if and when in need.

Terms of Use

Following are the terms and conditions that govern your use of this site.
This website is owned and operated by ZOiNN. All of the content featured or displayed on this website, including, but not limited to, text, graphics, photographs images is owned or created by ZOiNN or its Contributors around the Globe. Except as explicitly permitted under this or another agreement with ZOiNN or promotion of the Zo/Zou Tribe and its traditional attires , no portion or element of this website or its Content may be copied or retransmitted via any means and this website, its Content and all related rights shall remain the exclusive property of ZOiNN or its licensors unless otherwise expressly agreed.

Our Logo

The Rhombus shaped boxes (or Triangles) within the Logo is called 'Vathangkal' in Zokam which represents Unity and Mutual support of the Zo Tribes.
The Wild Buffalo (Zangsiel) Head represents Top Administration. Top Administration within the Zo Tribes.
The 3 corners of the main Triangle shaped represent the ZSP (Zou Sangnaupang Pawlpi) Theme `ZOU IN, ZOUIN, ZOUIN'.


The team behind the working of ZOiNN

P. Hangmuanlal Zou (P. Lalboi Zou)
Founder, Manager and Graphic DesignerP. Hangmuanlal Zou (P. Lalboi Zou)plalboizou@zoinn.in
Sanglian Hangnung
Founder and AdviserSanglian Hangnungsanglian@zoinn.in
Ginthang Hangnung (GThang)
Founder and Graphic DesignerGinthang Hangnung (GThang)gthang@zoinn.in
S. Paukhanlun (GaAra Zou)
Founder and Graphic DesignerS. Paukhanlun (GaAra Zou)gaarazou@zoinn.in
Lallien Malun (Dunatos)
Founder and Graphic DesignerLallien Malun (Dunatos)mlallien@zoinn.in

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