Pu. (L) T. Gougin - The Father of ZOMI

Late T. Gougin was the best known political leader of the Zomi who hailed form the Zou community “At a time when tribal leaders were vying for state recognition of their dialectal communities as “Scheduled Tribes,” Gougin began to conceive the idea of Zomi, i.e., “Zo people” in 1955 while serving as a clerk of the Tribal Development Office, Imphal. This prompted him to resign from his clerical job in 1958, and then pursued BA (honours) at St. Edmund’s College, Shillong. As a final year student, he founded the United Zomi Organisation (UZO) at Singtom village (Manipur) in 1961 to unite “all ethnic Zomi groups” (Gougin 1988). When UZO was reduced to mere vote bank politics to the complete neglect of wider Zo solidarity, T. Gougin launched on 28 January 1972 a new organisation, Zomi National Congress (ZNC) at Daizang village (Manipur). The Discovery of Zoland (1980) is perhaps Gougin’s most enduring political writing


Brief Life Sketch
Late Tungnung Lundou begat Late Tungnung Paugou. Late Tungnung Paugou and Late Pi Chingkhup begat eight children.

1. (L) Pu T. Kaisuah
2. (L) Pu T.Thangkhotual (father of Late T. Gougin)
3. (L) Pu Ex. Jem. T. Douzakham
4. (L) Pi Phadon
5. (L) Pi Nemdin
6. (L) Pi Manghoi
7. (L) Pi Kimzamang
8. (L) Pi Goihzaching

(L) Pu T. Thangkhotual and (L) Pi Nemzavung got married in the year 1923 and blessed with 9 (nine) children, 4 male and 5 female. Among them, (L) Pu T. Gougin MA was the eldest who was born in 1925 at Sumtuh village under Churachandpur district of Manipur where Pu T. Gouzadou Ex-Minister is the youngest among them.

1934 L.P School
1938-39 – Thanlon L.P School – Class II
1940 – Chinga Hill L.P. School, Imphal – III
1942 – Tamenglon UP School – Class IV
1943 -1948 : Indian Army as Boy and completed the 3 Army Education in first class
1948-49 : The first two books written and published by him while in the Army

(i) An Indian Army Primer leh
(ii) English Hindustan Paite Primer.

He earned accolades of the Indian Army C-in-C, Gen. K.M. Cariappa for his books.

1950 – Married to Miss Douzaching but had to go their own way.
1952 – Operation at Jammu Military Hospital
1953 – Married to Miss Nouzanem d/o (L) Nanggin Tungdim of Misau village
1954 – Passed the Indian Army Special Class (equivalent to Matric).
1954 – He left Army for not getting Commission (Army)
1955 – Major Sundaran, Chief Commissioner of Manipur appointed him as a clerk in Tribal Welfare Department
1956 – Completed Intermediate of Arts (IA) at Imphal Night College
1956 – Eldest son Tungnung Nungkhochinpau was born (January 26)
1956 – Zou Tribe Recognised with his sole initiative
1957 – His father, T. Thangkhotual died (September 30)
1958 – Study BA at St. Edmunds College, Shillong
1960 – Completed BA (Hons) in Economics at high 2nd class
1959 – The First Zou Mass Agitation under his leadership (United Manipur Zomi Organisation (UMZO) conference was held at Tuaitengphai village, Pu J.M. Raina, Chief Commissioner was invited to be the Chief Guest but he did not turn up, (L) Pu S.K. Samte with (L) Pu T. Gougin led the Zou people and agitated in front of the SDO Churachandpur – Pu D.R. Baruah IFAS. The SDO tender his apology on behalf of the Chief Commissioner).
1959 – Established Private High School at Tuaitengphai village
1960 – Started Tribal League with (L) Tunkhopum Baite
1961 – UMZO Conference at Singtom village, at that conference “M” was omited and UMZO was rechristened as United Zomi Organisation (UZO), He was elected to be the President of UZO. Therefore, he become the first president of UZO.
1962 – Contested Outer Manipur Parliamentary Constituency MP but could not succeed
1962 – Lecturer at Churachandpur Govt. Higher Secondary School
1964 – Studied MA @ Guwahati University as post graduate deputation and written and published another two books

(i) Nehru Journey on Earth
(ii) Two Noun Can Save India

1965-66 – Abolished Cop Labour (Army Pot Pua) among the tribal in Manipur.
1966 – Completed MA1970 – Completed LL.B. Intermediate under Guwahati University
1971 – Contested MP with Congress (O) ticket
1972 – Started G&C printing press as well as THUTHANG NEWS (first Daily Newspaper in Churachandpur)
1972 – Founded Zomi National Congress at Daijang Village (January 28) [Pu T. Gougin pen President & Pu S.K Samte Gen. Secretary]
1973 – Contested MDC at Tuining Constituency but not succeeded
1974 – Contested MLA at Singngat A/C with Hills Union ticket and successful.
1975 – With his tooth and nail opposition, the proposed Hill House Tax of Rs.15/- was reduced to Rs.6/- on March 12, 1975 and he was called “Champion of the Hill” (this Hill House Tax was implemented till 2006)
1975 – Deputy Minister
1975 – Drafted Co-Operative Society Act during his term of Cooperation portfolio
1975 – With his tooth and nail opposition, the proposed Hill House Tax of Rs.15/- was reduced to Rs.6/- on March 12, 1975 and he was called “Champion of the Hill” (this Hill House Tax was implemented till 2006)
1975 – Chairman of Public Account Committee (PAC) till April 1976
1976 – With his tooth and nail opposition, Meitei dialect was not declared the official language
1976 – A member of State Level 20 Point Economic Implementation Committee
1976 – Chairman of Public Account Committee (PAC)
1974 – 1979 : ZNC Units all over Manipur Hill Areas
1983 – ZNC re-organization | July 09: ZNC Special Assembly, Zogal Memorial Hall, Zoveng
1985 – (November 21) Constructed 40kms long “Indira Road” from Pangen to Thanlon with ZNC volunteers 1985 – ZNC Special Congress @ Kangkap (January 24, 25)
1985 – ZNC Leaders at Delhi submitting memorundam (May)
1985 – ZNC Parbung Block was innaugurated
1986 – ZNC leaders at Delhi (April 10) submitted memorundum to Prime Minister
1986 – ZNC Henglep Block was inaugurated (July 23-24)
1986 – Zomi Graduate Association was formed (September)
1986 – ZNC Assembly at Synod Hall (August 21-22)
1987 – (January 08-20 ~12 days) ZRV “Long March” from Luangleh Vaisua (Sipikawn) to Lamka
1987 – Independence Day boycott (August 15)
1987 – Lamka, Sugnu & Kangpokpi bandh, 60 members of Zomi Revolutionary Volunteer (ZRV) were arrested (September 29)1987 – Arrested ZRVs were out on bail, a grand welcome at Tuibuang Forest Gate (October 02)
1987 – ZNC participated at Assam Tribal and Student Leaders’ meeting at Diphu (November 12)
1987 – Procession at Lamka, Memorundam was submitted to DC/Churachandpur (December 18) demanding UT
1988 – ZNC & PC leader Pu T. Gougin and Brig. T. Sailo singed an agreement to form Zomi Re-Unification Organisation (ZORO) (May 05)
1989 – First Zomi World Convention at Champhai morethan 20,000 deligates (May 19-21)
1989 – 600 ZRV from manipur reached Champhai on May 17
1989 – Pu T. Sailo, Pu T. Gougin and Pu L.Sanngam were carried on uncovered jeep where thousands of people followed them (May 23)
1989 – Pu Gougin was warmly received by countless Zomi heads at Zemabawk on May 29


1. The Hmar Christian Diamond Jubilee Committee proudly presents the Distinguished Christian Citizen Award to T. Gougin Dt. 7-12-85 signed by Dr. Rochunga Pudaite Honourary President and Ruolneikhum Honourary Chairman.
2. Oja Indramani Memorial Trust herewith conferred a Certificate of Journalism to T. Gougin MA, Ex-Minister, Churachandpur, Zoveng with Rs.1000/- plus Certificate.
3. Certificate of Honours as “The Father of Zou People” (Zou Nam Pa) by T. Hangkhanpau, Ex-Minister and President of United Zomi Organisation and T. Nehkhojang General Secretary, United Zomi Organisation.
4. Tungnung Phungpi Council, Manipur India conferred Certificate of Honour to T. Gougin for being the first in BA Honours, MA in Economics and first Minister signed by Tungnung Phungpi, Chairman and Secretary.
5. The Zomi Sangnaupang Pawlpi, General Headquarters Awarded Certificate of Honours to T. Gougin being the First ever Master Degree Holder among the Zou Community signed by H. Kapneithang, General President and Th. Soiminthang, General Secretary.
6. Last, but not the least T. Gougin is the first Tribal Gentleman who snapped a photo with the First India Commander-in-Chief, General K.M.Cariappa.

T. Gougin life sketch published in three volumes mentioned below.

1. Biography International 1993, at page 746
2. Reference Asia at page 187-190
3. Reference Asia 7 volumes at page 451-152

Books written and published Pu T. Gougin

1. ABC of Zomi Economics (Zou)
2. The Martyrs (Marterte tangthu (Zou)
3. They Sacrifice for mankind (Zou)
4. Discovery of Zomi Resurgency (English)
5. Ka Phylosophy ( Ka Lunggel (Zou)
6. Zogam Novel Minthang (Zou)
7. Tales from Shakespeare (Zou)
8. Hindi Pauzilna (Zou)
9. What life has taught me (English)
10. Two Nouns can Save India (English)
11. Zomi National Congress (English)
12. English Grammer (Zou)
13. Zoram tan Duhthlanna (Lushai)
14. Re-Unification of Congress (English)
15. Gems of Late President Kenedy (English)
16. Discovery of Zoland (English)
17. Revamp of Political System a Must (English)
18. Zogam Itna Late (Zou)
19. Zogam Pumpi Paidingdan (Zou)
20. My Role As Parliamentarian (English)
21. Zou Custom Book (Zou)
22. Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam (English)
23. Must Manipur March Ahead (English)
24. An India Army Primer (English)
25. Life Sketch of T. Gougin (English)
26. Too Much For Tears But Plunge (English)
27. English Hindustani Paite Primer ( Bilanguage)
28. One Hundred Famous People in the World (English)
29. Nehru’s Journey on Earth (English)
30. War Against Poverty (English)

The blessed sons and daughters of (L) Pu T. Gougin

1. Nungkhochinpau Tungnung, Chief of Tuibul Village. Tungnung mintap.
2. Tualminthang, Name after Pu (L) T.Thangkhotual
3. Khamkhanlal, Name after (L) Jemadar Douzakham
4. Doulianmang, Name after Pu T.Gouzadou. He is now settled at New Delhi at his own house.
5. (L) Paukhantang, Name after (L) Tongzapau Manlun, Chief of Behiang
6. Mrs. Vungneikim, Name after Mother (L) Nemzavung. Wife of Pu John Jamkhomang (Retd. DIC Manager).
7. Mrs. Nemzamang, Name after Pi Domnem. Wife of (L) Mamang
8. Mrs. Kailianching, Name after (L) Onkhokai. Wife of David Hangzou, Bank Manager.
9. Ngaihoihniang, Name after Mrs. Chingkhongai. She is now settled at New Delhi at her own house.

Foreign Visit
ISRAEL : 1995


I too want to leave my will even if I failed to fulfil my dream of Zoland
during my life time where all Zomis can live together as one big family
with one aspiration, one hope that is;

for Social, Economics, Political, Religion and

of Thought, Expression, Faith and Equality of Status and of Opportunity and to promote among all Zomis Fraternity.
For these, we should Fight together, Work together and Die together.

This is MY WILL.
My second Will is Nobody should shed tears over my mortal body but try to know my Will above.
My third Will is over my grave this should be written :

“ Here lies a MAN who work for the Unification of all ZOMI’s and for their Salvation, Political, Economic and Religion.

For this,
GOD ordained him to suffer